“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” - Ernst Haas


Q: Who will be the instructors for this workshop?

A: Shailan Parker AND / OR Joginder Singh. More information on the instructors can be found on the About page of this web site.

Q: Do you provide a camera for use during the workshop?

A: PhotoSensitive does not provide camera equipment. The participant is expected to have their own camera equipment.

Q: What kind of camera equipment do I need for this workshop?

A: Any Digital SLR camera, a tripod. A remote camera release or a shutter release cable / remote will be of help but isn't mandatory

Q: Who is this workshop for? Can I join even if I have not touched a camera?

A: The course is intended for those who have a basic knowledge of operating the camera in Manual mode and would like to work on creative expression.

Q: Do you give a certificate after this course? A certificate that shall help me get a job as a photographer or apply for higher studies?

A: No we do not. Like we mentioned earlier, the workshop is merely intended for getting you started.

Q: Can I interact with you before I join the workshop?

A: Yes, we keep getting a lot of phone calls before every workshop. Sometimes, if required, we can meet. But this really depends on our professional commitments and we need to arrive at a mutually convenient time and place.

Q: Do you conduct this workshop during the week at other timings as well?

A: No, we only conduct this on the date and time mentioned in the schedule. The workshop does not happen every month.

Q: I shall not be able to attend the first and the third session. Can I still join the workshop?

A: We recommend that the participant is present for all the sessions. This is purely because the module is split up over four sessions. Any session that you miss shall lead to gaps in learning.

Q: Do you conduct this workshop outside of Delhi?

A: So far we haven't.

Q: It is possible for people from outside Delhi to join the workshop provided they can be there in Delhi for the entire schedule?

A: Yes it is. We have had instances of people traveling from various parts of the country join us for different workshops.

Q: Does Photosensitive provide accommodation for outstation participants?

A: No it does not. The participant is expected to organize their own accommodation.

Q: Your structure mentions shoots on outdoor locations within Delhi. Do you provide transport to these locations?

A: No. The participant is expected to travel on their own to these locations.

Q: Will I go out of Delhi during the workshop?

A: No. Outstation field trips are not part of this workshop.

Q: Are there any costs over and above the workshop fees?

A: None whatsoever. The participants bears their own transport cost to the venue / shoot locations. For outdoor shoots we recommend carrying a water bottle and a packed snack.

Q: The fee structure mentioned on some posts on the Internet is different from what you have mentioned. Have the fees been revised?

A: The fee structure gets revised based on inflation and other economic factors. It is impossible for us to revise it on data posted on the Internet five years back. The current fee is mentioned on this web site and any mailers originating from PhotoSensitive that have a current date. Fees mentioned in older mailers for the same course is not valid unless ratified by PhotoSensitive.

Q: I understand that the workshop fills up on first come first serve basis. In case the workshop has filled up and my form and fee reaches you will you retain it for the next workshop?

A: We are very fair when it comes to taking on people on a first come first serve basis. We prefer not to take advance bookings, in all fairness to the rest. You can retain the form and fee and resubmit it whenever we announce dates for the next workshop. We make it a point to inform anyone who has inquired and has not been able to be part of the workshop for whatever reason.

Over the last few years that we have been conducting this workshop we've addressed a lot of individual queries and concerns. These are collated on the right.

If you feel there is still something specific you'd like to know, do drop us an email and we'll get back to you.