“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” - Ernst Haas


Q: Who will be the instructors for this workshop?

A: Shailan Parker AND / OR Joginder Singh. More information on the instructors can be found on the About page of this web site.

Q: Can I learn photography without buying a camera? Can I hire a camera?

A: Yes, you can. You can borrow one from somewhere or rent one for the duration of the workshop. A lot of participants have done that and have bought their equipment after going through the workshop when they are clearer about the direction in which they want to head. However, do ensure that you have the same camera for the duration of the workshop so that you don't have to re-familiarize yourself with controls on different cameras.

Q: Do you provide a camera for use during the workshop?

A: PhotoSensitive does not provide camera equipment. The participant is expected to have their own camera equipment.

Q: What kind of camera do I need for this workshop? The market is flooded with Digital SLR cameras. Can you help shortlist the right make and model?

A: Any basic entry level Digital SLR would be great to have on this workshop. Nikon and Canon are the cameras we see mostly during the workshop. Digital SLR's are available with various features and prices. Depending upon what you want to spend, you could look at higher end camera bodies and lenses. It helps to understand that buying a DSLR is investing into a system, one that can grow with you as your interest develops and matures. It also helps to go to the camera stores and physically try out the camera before you buy it. Online reviews can only help to a certain extent. You must hold the camera in your hands and get a feel of it before buying.

Q: I currently have a point and shoot digital camera. Will this suffice for the workshop?

A: Does the camera have a manual mode? If yes, you can exploit it to a certain extent. If not, it can be used fairly well for capturing light and working on composition, but cannot be used for creative expression arising out of camera control manipulation. In which case it makes sense to invest in a digital SLR of the introductory kind.

Q: Is a DSLR with kit lens adequate or do I need an additional equipment?

A: Yes it shall suffice. We recommend buying additional lenses and accessories after you have understood their function and correctly assessed your interest.

Q: Who is this workshop for? Can I join even if I have not touched a camera?

A: The course is intended for beginners and we explain the visual and technical aspects of the image in a structured manner supplemented with practical shoots that help in cementing in the fundamentals. We have had participants who have picked up a camera the evening before and have walked in with the equipment still unpacked. The workshop helps in unraveling the technicalities.

Q: How do I know that I have eye for photography?

A: These are things that are very difficult to assess and quantify before the workshop. We have realized in our years of instruction that a lot of people who claim to have an eye can't SEE. They can LOOK, but SEEING is something that comes from training and practice. And the more you shoot, the more you refine your eye.

Q: I have been doing photography for five years on my own, is this course for me?

A: Yes, we've had people of similar experience and they claim to have benefited from the module. The systematic manner in which the module is structured shall help fill in the gaps in the self learning.

Q: Is this workshop for people who want to pursue photography as profession? Can I become a photographer after attending the workshop?

A: Yes and No. As mentioned earlier, this is a course intended for beginners. We teach the fundamentals and leave you equipped to develop your interest further. Professional photography entails understanding of various aspects of the business end of the medium and that is not covered in this module.

Q: Do you give a certificate after this course? A certificate that shall help me get a job as a photographer or apply for higher studies?

A: No we do not. Like we mentioned earlier, the workshop is merely intended for getting you started and for improving your self taught skills. However, we can give you an unbiased recommendation on our letter head and you can put it in as a referral.

Q: Can I interact with you before I join the workshop?

A: Yes, we keep getting a lot of phone calls before every workshop. Sometimes, if required, we can meet. But this really depends on our professional commitments and we need to arrive at a mutually convenient time and place.

Q: Do you conduct this workshop during the week at other timings as well?

A: No, we only conduct this on weekends. That too only on the dates that have been announced. The workshop does not happen every weekend or every month. At the most we manage to do three to five workshops in an year.

Q: I shall not be able to attend one out of the three sessions. Can I still join the workshop?

A: We recommend that the participant is present for all the sessions. This is purely because the module is split up over three weekends. Any session that you miss shall lead to gaps in learning.

Q: Do you conduct this workshop outside of Delhi?

A: So far we haven't.

Q: It is possible for people from outside Delhi to join the workshop provided they can be there in Delhi on the weekends?

A: Yes it is. We have had instances of people traveling from various parts of the country join us for the workshop.

Q: Does Photosensitive provide accommodation for outstation participants?

A: No it does not. The participant is expected to organize their own accommodation.

Q: Your structure mentions shoots on outdoor locations within Delhi. Do you provide transport to these locations?

A: No. The participant is expected to travel on their own to these locations.

Q: Will I go out of Delhi during the workshop?

A: No. Outstation field trips are not part of this workshop.

Q: Are there any costs over and above the workshop fees?

A: The participant is expected to pay any entry tickets to locations that we go for outdoor shoots. The participant shall bear the cost of processing and printing the number of pictures required for the picture review that follows every shoot. If any assignments are being given during the week and need to be sent over email, the participant is expected to have an internet connection and bear the costs involved for the same.

Q: The fee structure mentioned on some posts on the Internet is different from what you have mentioned. Have the fees been revised?

A: The fee structure gets revised based on inflation and other economic factors. It is impossible for us to revise it on data posted on the Internet five years back. The current fee is mentioned on this web site and any mailers originating from PhotoSensitive that have a current date. Fees mentioned in older mailers for the same course is not valid unless ratified by PhotoSensitive.

Q: I understand that the workshop fills up on first come first serve basis. In case the workshop has filled up and my form and fee reaches you will you retain it for the next workshop?

A: We are very fair when it comes to taking on people on a first come first serve basis. We prefer not to take advance bookings, in all fairness to the rest. You can retain the form and fee and resubmit it whenever we announce dates for the next workshop. We make it a point to inform anyone who has inquired and has not been able to be part of the workshop for whatever reason.

Over the last few years that we have been conducting this workshop we've addressed a lot of individual queries and concerns. These are collated on the right.

If you feel there is still something specific you'd like to know, do drop us an email and we'll get back to you.