"The greatest thing a human soul ever does in this world is to SEE something, and tell what it SAW in a plain way... To see clearly is poetry, prophecy, and religion, all in one." - John Ruskin

1. Belinda Nishball

On the 16 hour ride back to Delhi, I thought of all the wonderful things about the trek. Top of my list was the discovery of a bunch of people so dedicated to the same thing. My hat off to you and Shailan for fostering the "learning through sharing" theme. I could not have handpicked a more generous and caring bunch of people. Perhaps you both bring it out in us!

Yes, I've done a lot of fretting about missed opportunity. But I have since spent hours looking at my landscapes and find that truly, the 14-24 is an awesome lens. I was, frankly, shocked at the crispness of the photographs, the punchy colors and hues! I had never seen this in my 18-200! Now I don't feel so bad. Glaring though the lack of macros is in my gallery of shots, I am content that I have shot enough and sit here happy at what I have accomplished.

I have other worlds to conquer. My 14-24 has proved its mettle. I plan very soon to put the 105 on its paces. And yes, I agree with you about the joy in solitary shooting. I do enjoy the camaraderie of photography but the greater joy is in shooting and going about at my own pace.

My thanks to you and Shailan for the seamless management of the trek. If only the rest of India were so managed, it would be pure heaven! My thanks to you and Shailan for your kindness towards Daniel. I know he enjoyed his conversations and explorations with you. I suspect he will be holding that camera correctly the vertical way, smile a little bit and remember you!

2. Shubhra Chaturvedi

It was very very well coordinated and there seemed nothing amiss at all. There was such an eye to every detail that it really was very very inspiring. It just goes to show that both of u are such fine ppl and things that are so called "not a man's domain" were so brilliantly kept in mind by both of u. (This was just in the lighter sense). The photography kit was awesome. Thank u so much for the little things that will help us improve or better our work. I promise to use each one of them and show my efforts to u. The name tags were a brilliant idea....
I do not see any thing that lacked effort so there really aren't any brickbats from my side. However there is a suggestion and for which I volunteer to work on as well for the next trek. The suggestion is that I noticed a lot of ppl under prepared for the trek and a few over prepared. I discussed this with Shailan sir and while it is true that ppl need to look up on details like temps, climate, altitude etc and carry stuff accordingly, most of them did not do this. Since their health and well being is also the responsibility of the coordinators, next year onwards apart from the photography inputs of what to carry and what not... we could give a logistics and operational inputs also... eg...
The Trek... From 19th June to 28th June
Weather--- Moderate in Manali to reasonably cold in upper himalayas
Clothes to Carry.... Jacket, socks woolen and cotton, cap, mittens, lowers and inners.sweaters or fleece jackets or sweatshirts etc etc 
medicines--- headache, motion sickness, stomach digestive etc etc
This is just an example we could make more FAQs on this line. I volunteer for this if u decide to include this. This came to my head as I realized that Saarthak and Sonal brought things they did not use and did not have things which they needed....
It was a wonderful place, absolutely beautiful and a beautiful experience. the group was nice and cheerful and all in all 8 days of hard work but nirvana...
Thank u so very very much....
3. Radha Sabhapathy 

There is a world of life out there. Aren't we all blessed to use our eyes and ears ?
Thank you both for a fantabulous safari. Couldn't have been better, with so much of leg-pulling and frolic and whatever lil worries may have been ( of course endemic to each),  were taken away by the winds at 'Marhi'.

4. Darilang Mary Rymbai

As we left the summer and heat of Delhi  and headed towards Spiti, I was thinking of sunny and clear blue skies, cool breeze, pristine lakes and rivers. But as we approached we were greeted with one surprise after another. In a land widely known as a cold dry desert, there was incessant rain for at least three days. The sun refused to come out. We experienced landslides, blocked roads and really wet and cold weather.

Life has its way of surprising us and this trip had made me realize that even if everything does not go as planned, it’s all up to us to make the best use of the situation. So out came the camera, safely wrapped of course in the “lapet”.
The beautiful monasteries, the mystic dance of the Buddhist monk that we were lucky enough to witness, the warmth of the local people, the serene Kibber village, the rugged beauty of numerous spots that dotted along our way and compelled us to stop and shoot - to the exasperation of the driver, and of course the gang, made this trek a very memorable experience.

Rains over, another ecstatic moment awaited us at Kunzum La. The dappled brown of the mountains that we had crossed a few days back had been transformed to a blinding white blanket. The whole experience was astonishing and beautiful at the same time. At long last, the much awaited sun surprised us again, this time by happily beaming at us. While we were heading back to Delhi I could reflect upon the calendar perfect imagery that I had wanted to shoot and smiled in fondness on the varied and enriching experience that the drifting clouds blessed upon us.

Thanks Shailan and Jogi for making this possible

5. Amita Vikram Pratap

Spiti trek was the first of its kind trek I ever did, so I didn't know what to expect and how to prepare well too. However the trek was organized so well that I didn't feel anything amiss and and couple of things which Ii didn't take were available. Kudos to the food, everything one could ask for was available of a home made taste. The conditions were hygienic and comfortable (as much as we could ask for in a difficult terrain like that)

A suggestion someone made during the trek which Ii vote for is.. to ensure proper communication between the different vehicles, we can have walkie talkie sets.

6.Shweta Poddar

Spiti was overall an amazing and a very different experience for me. I enjoyed every bit of it. Since I had last been on a trip which involved some amount of trekking probably 12-13 years back, there was some amount of hesitation before leaving but once we were there I didn't want to be back in Delhi!
I thought it was very well organized and co-ordinated. The staff was amazing and so was the food!
Also, because of the weather etc., there was a certain kind of uncertainty, which added to the excitement (not in some of us) to the the trek!
As of now I can only think up of positive feedback for the trip.
I would most definitely repeat it till I can :)

7. Sujata Khanna

Ladakh for me was a wonderful experience! It was my 5th consecutive year to Ladakh and yet apart from the fact that the place mesmerizes me every time - this time was special! I love traveling and I love photography and merging the two created magic and add to that a wonderful group of people who share the same passion...heavenly!

Since, I was the 'freshest' member into the PhotoSensitive family, having completed my Photo-One Workshop in August...I think this opportunity for me was amazing - to be able to apply everything I learnt was fun and then again learning so much more...whether through my mentors or the experienced group. The group used terminologies at times which had me lost...realized they are much more experienced time and again...but then that added to my advantage of learning from all possible directions :)

Rest, the accommodation, the food, the car journeys, the flight - everything was F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C!!

Last, but not the least, THANK YOU so much Jogi and Shailan for your time and so unconditionally sharing your knowledge with us! I shall look forward to the next family outing of PhotoSensitive!

8. Chirag Shah

To be very honest, I actually had time of my life. Cannot really express in words how I enjoyed every moment of the trip; barring of course the Tso Moriri night! It was indeed great to see you all again, the next day morning!

Overall Arrangement: Impeccable. We never had to actually wait for any conveyance, or food or any other necessity. This speaks about your arrangement skills, as organization / people specializing in these, are usually found wanting!

Jasmine Tea every night, that too right from the Boss, was just perfect icing on the cake. How I miss that now.

Food: No two thoughts — absolute perfect. The morning breakfast was just too good, always. Thankfully, I didn't’t took the entire trip to realize what was good in the breakfast, both food and Tea;). Speak with Shailan Sir, for more insights. Not to speak of excellent dinner … discussing always the Schedule for next day!!!

On giving your precious Time: This was one of the highlights of trip. You both were always at our beck and call. This is indeed very appreciative. As, often you don’t get value even after shelling out. But with you both at the helm, it was value-addition at its best — fewer inputs, maximal outputs!

And all these when you had organized the trip for the first time! I am sure, The Thomas Cook and Sita’s of the world have a thing or two to learn on trip organizing and playing host!

Thanking you both for making this one of the most memorable trip of the life! Sadly, like all good things in life, this also ended.

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