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"Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness."
- W. Eugene Smith


Group photography exhibition by PHOTOSENSITIVE alumni

06 - 12 August 2011 at Open Palm Court Gallery, India Habitat Center, New Delhi

The show then moved to Indipix Gallery and was exhibited there from 19 August - 06 September 2011

It received a fabulous response with the sale of a fair number of open edition prints signed by the artists. Prints from the show can still be purchased by quoting the number from the slide show alongside. Please check with us for pricing and sizing information.

TRANSITION - The arms of the clock tick away, a pertinent reminder of the transitional in the eternal. The daily passage of the sun, its varying light creating a chiaroscuro that enthralls. The tranquil bubbling of the brook in sheer contrast to the roar of the ocean...a seed germinates...a leaf withers away and makes its way back to the ground...cycles that run silently...this constant motion translates onto MAN! "Development, Sustainability, Nano Technology, Progress - Hasn't man been in constant TRANSITION?"

This group interposed these questions and abstracted these qualities via the photographic medium. Photo enthusiasts from various backgrounds are being mentored by professional photographers Shailan Parker and Joginder Singh. TRANSITION is a combined output of these passionate explorers of light. 22 photographers participated in the exhibition.