And so it happened...

We must have a web presence is very critical. Such suggestions were being hurled at Shailan and Joginder from participants and well wishers.

What should the Photosensitive web site comprise of? This was posted on our Google group in 2006! Ideas whizzed back and forth, some even on detailed Excel spreadsheets! The techies wanted to code, the designers wanted to decode. It must be user friendly. It must have all the elements that Photosensitive members had got used to. Can we take the forum on to the site? Why can't we use a template? The web is now getting dynamic...we must use slide shows.

In the midst of this brainstorming Deepikah Arora, a Photosensitive member, graduated as a Communication Designer. She volunteered to translate the thumbnails and the tons of confusion into structured layouts. And she did...but then it was time for her to move to Mumbai. The site took a back seat.

Several other people offered solutions. Some struck a chord with us, some did not. Indrani de Parker was coerced 'emotionally' to sit and 'refine' or 'redesign' the layout. With her Graphic Design inputs more screen shots evolved... Who was going to implement it? We needed a techie sensitive to Design. And once again the site went on the back burner. We could have done it our selves, but then there were workshops to conduct...and photo-treks to go to.

The 'sensitive' techie eluded us...we could not afford to employ one. The solution stared us in the face. We'll have to do it on our own. THE PHOTOSENSITIVE WEBSITE REVISITED was posted on the forum in April 2010. Member portfolios started arriving over email and we started working on translating the screen shots into a navigable web site with whatever little web design skills we had gathered over the years. Fonts were changed, backgrounds reworked, buttons created.

What you see here is a final outcome of a collaboration between Shailan and Joginder and the underlying thought that if we applied ourselves we could do it! This site may not conform to international web design standards but it is close to our heart and the way we wanted to showcase Photosensitive online.

A big thank you to all those who have contributed in any manner whatsoever. Left to our own we would have probably never got down to doing this.

Shailan and Joginder
March 2011

“Look, I'm not an intellectual - I just take pictures.”- Helmut Newton